Behind the Rocks Ultra

50 mile, 50k, 30k, and 10 Mile

March 26, 2022

Race Starts: 50 mile- 6 a.m, 50k- 7 a.m.,

30k- 8 a.m., 10 Mile- 9 a.m.

Course Description

Behind the Rocks 50 miler will be held at the end of March.  The course was designed to highlight the technical slickrock trails of Moab, the views of the Behind the Rocks Wilderness area, and the snow capped La Sal mountains.  The race will start at the 24 Hours of Moab and head north for a mile and a half to the Behind the Rocks trail.  For 10 miles, continue north on the trail to the Hunter Canyon Rim trail.  Turn left onto the Rim trail for 4.5 miles until Kane Creek Road.  The rim trail starts off as a doubletrack but becomes a singletrack as you get closer to the canyon.  As you get to the bottom, the trail also becomes super technical and somewhat difficult to follow.  There are a few steep ledge sections that will require to you climb down.  Once you are off of the rim, turn right at Kane Creek road and head south for a mile until you reach the Amasa Back Trail.  Turn left onto Amasa Back and immediately turn left onto HyMasa .  You will follow HyMasa for less than a third of a mile until you intersect back with the Amasa Back trail.  Once on Amasa Back,continue for a half mile until you turn right back on the the singletrack of HyMasa.  Follow Hymasa for the next few miles, it will cross the Amasa Back a few times,  until you reach Capt Ahab.  Turn right at Capt Ahab and follow it for less than a quarter of a mile until you reach Amasa Back, then turn left.  Run on Amasa Back until you reach the aid station in less than a mile.  After the aid station turn left and drop down into Jackson Hole.  Jacob’s Ladder is right after the aid station.   Just as it sounds, it’s a ladder down from the rim, be ready for a tough half mile on the way back!  Run Jackson Hole counter clockwise for 4 miles and then back up Jackson’s Ladder.  Take a minute to enjoy the views of the Behind the Rocks with the snow covered La Sal mountains behind at the top of the ladder.  Once you come back to the aid station, turn right back onto Amasa Back.  Follow Amasa until you reach Rockstacker, a singletrack trail.  Turn right onto Rockstacker and follow it until you reach Jackson’s Trail.  Turn left on Jackson’s Trail.  Once you reach the parking lot, turn right onto Kane Creek Rd and follow the Rd until you are back at the Gatherer Canyon aid station.   Turn left back onto the Rim trail for 4.5 miles until you reach Behind the Rocks intersection.  Again turn right, not left like the way you started, and head back on the Kane Creek trail for 11.5 miles to the finish.


For the 50k course, follow the above directions until you reach Kane Creek Road.  Once at Kane Creek Road turn around and head back up the Hunter Canyon Rim trail again and head back the same way the 50 mile course does on Kane Creek trail to the finish.  


For the 30k course follow the above directions until you run past White Knuckle, a very steep technical section at around mile 8.  Instead of turning left you will turn right and follow the flagging for less than two miles until you reach the Kane Creek trail, the point you return to the same course as the 50 mile and 50k runners.  Turn left onto Kane Creek and follow it for less than a mile until you reach the aid station.  At this point you will continue on Kane Creek until the finish line.