The Mad Moose Events Ambassador Program
Log your volunteer hours at Mad Moose Events and become a member of the Mad Moose Herd!

Becoming a Mad Moose Herd Ambassador is based solely on volunteer hours.

This way, anyone can join our Mad Moose Herd.

To become a Mad Moose Ambassador, all you must do is volunteer for a total of 24 hours at any of our Mad Moose Events within a 12 month period. 


Log your hours into our volunteer tracker and earn your free entries along the way. Volunteer hours start accumulating 9/18/2021. 

24  Logged Volunteer Hours = Official Mad Moose Herd Ambassadorship

Once you’ve reached 24 hours of volunteering, we’ll have an amazing Mad Moose Herd Ambassador swag bag for you! Items to expect include the exclusive Mad Moose Herd Boco Trucker Hat, Mad Moose Herd Sock Guy Socks, a Mad Moose Herd t-shirt, and a Mad Moose Herd technical shirt! With almost 20 events between Colorado and Utah, you'll have plenty of chances to get in those volunteer hours!

Continue to volunteer with the Mad Moose Herd to earn more Mad Moose swag and entries into Mad Moose Events! Volunteers are one of the most important parts of race weekend. We appreciate every one of our volunteers and we are so excited to have developed a program where everyone can get involved and become a part of the Mad Moose Herd Community.

To get started, contact us to add your name to our volunteer list!

When you're done with your shift, log you hours in the volunteer tracker.