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Behind the Rocks Ultra

10 Mile, 30K, 50K, and 50 Mile

March 22, 2025

Moab, Utah

About Behind the Rocks Ultra

Behind the Rocks Ultra starts and finishes at the Behind the Rocks Trail, along the border of the Behind the Rocks Wilderness Study Area. Moab's last hidden gem; its tall standing Navajo Sandstone domes and fins can be seen from many places along the course. This course traverses some remote trails, and give you the opportunity to enjoy the desert solitude. From smooth double track to sandy washes, technical doubletrack, and challenging singletrack, Behind the Rocks Ultra will test you mentally and physically. While the 10 Mile and 30K can give runners an introduction to Moab trail running, the 50 mile course is among our most challenging events. It includes some some technical down climbs and rim running that offer amazing views of arches and rock formations. As runners close in on the finish line, they'll see it nestled just below the La Sal Mountain Range. A great place to enjoy the finish line with a great community! With free camping at the start/finish line, you're welcome to spend the weekend. Bring your cooler, stocked with your favorite post race drinks, and stay for the fun!

Behind the Rocks Ultra is part of our Run Moab Series. Check out all of our Moab races!

Behind the Rocks Ultra Race Guide​

Course Information

Behind the Rocks Ultra 50 Mile Course Map*

Behind the Rocks Ultra 50 Mile Interactive Map

Behind the Rocks Ultra 50 Mile GPX File *download file to view

  • Lowest Point   3944'

  • Highest Point 5545'

  • Elevation Gain 6788'

  • Elevation Loss 6785'

*Behind the Rocks Ultra 50 Mile is an extremely challenging and remote course with the majority of the elevation gain occurring in the second half of the course. Finishing requires a strong and consistent pace. The course has long distances between aid stations, far from support or rescue in the case of DNF. Cell service is sporadic or absent for the majority of the course.​

*Water Carry Requirements - See Race Guide or FAQ Page*

Behind the Rocks Ultra 50K Course Map

Behind the Rocks Ultra 50K Interactive Map

Behind the Rocks Ultra 50K GPX File *download file to view

  • Lowest Point   4049'

  • Highest Point 5545'

  • Elevation Gain 3832'

  • Elevation Loss 3832'

*Water Carry Requirements - See Race Guide or F.A.Q Page*

Behind the Rocks Ultra 30K Course Map

Behind the Rocks Ultra 30K Interactive Map

Behind the Rocks Ultra 30K GPX File *download file to view

  • Lowest Point   5164'

  • Highest Point 5561'

  • Elevation Gain 1690'

  • Elevation Loss 1686'

Behind the Rocks Ultra 10 Mile Course Map

Behind the Rocks Ultra 10 Mile Interactive Map

Behind the Rocks Ultra 10 Mile GPX File​ *download file to view

  • Lowest Point   5184'

  • Highest Point 5548'

  • Elevation Gain 886'

  • Elevation Loss 883'

Click Here For Aid Station Mileage, Cutoff Times, and Course Limit Information

Course Description

Behind the Rocks 50 miler will be held at the end of March.  The course was designed to highlight the technical slickrock trails of Moab, the views of the Behind the Rocks Wilderness area, and the snow capped La Sal mountains.  The race will start at the 24 Hours of Moab and head north for a mile and a half to the Behind the Rocks trail.  For 10 miles, continue north on the trail to the Hunter Canyon Rim trail.  Turn left onto the Rim trail for 4.5 miles until Kane Creek Road.  The rim trail starts off as a doubletrack but becomes a singletrack as you get closer to the canyon.  As you get to the bottom, the trail becomes increasingly technical and somewhat difficult to follow.  There are a few steep ledge sections that will require to you climb down, necessitating the use of your hands.  Once you are off of the rim, turn right at Kane Creek road and head south for a mile until you reach the Amasa Back Trail.  Turn left onto Amasa Back and immediately turn left onto HyMasa .  You will follow HyMasa for less than a third of a mile until you intersect back with the Amasa Back trail.  Once on Amasa Back, continue for a half mile until you turn right back on the the singletrack of HyMasa.  Follow Hymasa for the next few miles, it will cross the Amasa Back a few times,  until you reach Capt. Ahab.  Turn right at Capt. Ahab and follow it for less than a quarter of a mile until you reach Amasa Back, then turn left.  Run on Amasa Back until you reach the aid station in less than a mile.  After the aid station turn left and drop down into Jackson's Hole.  Jackson's Ladder is right after the aid station. Just as it sounds, it’s a ladder down from the rim, be ready for a tough half mile on the way back!  Run Jackson Hole counter clockwise for 4 miles and then back up Jackson’s Ladder.  Take a minute to enjoy the views of the Behind the Rocks with the snow covered La Sal mountains behind at the top of the ladder.  Once you come back to the aid station, turn right, joining onto Amasa Back.  Follow Amasa until you reach Rockstacker, a singletrack trail.  Turn right onto Rockstacker and follow it until you reach Jackson’s Trail.  Turn left on Jackson’s Trail.  Once you reach the parking lot, turn right onto Kane Creek Rd and follow the Rd until you are back at the Gatherer Canyon aid station.   Turn left back onto the Rim trail for 4.5 miles until you reach Behind the Rocks intersection.  Again turn right, NOT left like the way you started, and head back on the Kane Creek trail for 11.5 miles to the finish.

For the 50k course, follow the above directions until you reach Kane Creek Road.  Once at Kane Creek Road turn around and head back up the Hunter Canyon Rim trail again and head back the same way the 50 mile course does on Kane Creek trail to the finish.

For the 30k course follow the above directions until you run past White Knuckle, a very steep technical section at around mile 8.  Instead of turning left you will turn right and follow the flagging for less than two miles until you reach the Kane Creek trail, the point you return to the same course as the 50 mile and 50k runners.  Turn left onto Kane Creek and follow it for less than a mile until you reach the aid station.  At this point you will continue on Kane Creek until the finish line.

Cupless Aid Station Information

That's right! We have gone cupless!

What does that mean?

  • Bring your own re-useable cup (Mad Moose Hydrapak cups are available for purchase during packet pick-up)

  • Water dispensers will be located at the start/finish line and at every aid station.

  • Runners can use these to fill bladders, bottles​, and reusable cups

  • Gloved volunteers will pour sodas/misc drinks into runners' reusable cups.

Travel Information

Check out the Travel Page for information about lodging and recreation in the Moab area!

Packet Pickup

Date: Friday, March 21, 2025

Time: 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m

Location: At the start/finish line. (See Directions to Start/Finish Line)

Race Day Packet Pickup

Saturday, March 22, 2025

5:30 a.m.-  8:45 a.m.

Check in and packet pickup are located at the start/finish line. 

Information Regarding Packet Pickup Process:

  • You will need to have a photo ID in order to receive your packet.

  • Runners may pick up the shirt of a registered runner, who will not be in attendance.

  • Runners may not pick up someone else's bib.  

  • Entries are non-transferable.

  • See race guide for all information about packet pickup.

Directions to Start/Finish Line

Event Parking Lot will be open to runners on Friday for packet pickup. The lot will close at 6 PM, when we close packet pickup. The lot will open again to runners on Saturday morning, at 5:15 AM.

GPS Coordinates (Click for Google Map):

38.41651, -109.46436

From the south end of Moab, head south approximately 13 miles. You will head out of town on a single lane road.  As you begin to head up the first steep hill, the road will open up to a passing lane.  Once you get to the top of the hill, the dirt road will be on your right.  The turn is just past mile marker 113.  If you pass the rest area, you have gone too far. Take a right turn, and follow the road approximately 2.5 miles to the start.  You will see the start line on the left hand side.  The dirt road is difficult to spot. The road is technical, but passable for 2WD. Please allow plenty of time to find the start.  You can reference the Google Map below for more information.


There will be parking attendants pointing out parking spots. They will ask you to park very specifically so as to organize vehicles. Please show them patience and respect. When dropping off runners, please do so as directed. You won't be able to drive right up to the start line for drop offs. There will be a short walk. If you park in an unacceptable location,  BLM will issue tickets.  Please adhere to parking attendants instructions to avoid tickets and ensure we can continue to work with the BLM for the Behind the Rocks and future events hosted by Mad Moose Events.

Camping Information

Behind the Rocks Ultra has dispersed camping at the start/finish line plus spots along the road.  If you arrive after dark, please be sure to camp in designated camping areas. See parking/camping map in race guide.

  • There is camping allowed at the Event Camping Area. You can see the designated camp map in the Race Guide. The camp area will close to camp set up at 8 PM on Friday. So as to respect the runners set up in camp area, we will not allow entrance to the camp area after 8 PM. 

  • Please park/camp only in designated spots. If you are not in the highlighted areas shown on the map, you may be asked to move.

  • We will have toilets available for the campers beginning Friday. If camping earlier, please follow all local Leave No Trace policies.

  • Campers must pack out their camp trash. Please follow Pack-it-in, Pack-it-out, No Trace Policies. 

  • Campfires are NOT PERMITTED in the camp area on Friday night.

  • Do not build additional campfire rings in the camp area. 

  • Please look for alternative camping spots along Behind the Rocks Rd. if you would like to have a campfire.

  • Quiet hours begin at 8 PM - Please be respectful of your fellow campers! Event Camping Area closes at 8 PM on Friday evening. It will reopen again Saturday morning, just before packet pickup.

  • Be aware of road closed barriers, blocked off areas, and additional signage regarding limited use. These are required for the event and/or our land use permits. Adhering to all signage will ensure that we can continue to hold events here for years to come!

There are several other options for camping/lodging in the Moab area. Please see the Complete Guide to Moab Campgrounds or our Travel Page for more information.

Race Morning Schedule

Saturday, March 22, 2025

5:30 a.m. - 8:45 a.m.

Check-in, packet pickup, and drop bag collection: at the starting line.


5:15 a.m.- Event Parking Lot opens to runners

6:00 a.m. – 50 mile start

7:00 a.m. – 50k start

8:00 a.m. - 30k start

9:00 a.m. - 10 Mile start

10 minutes before each race start - Pre-race announcement


Finish Line Information

The finish line is located in the exact same location as the starting line. We will have portable toilets starting Friday afternoon. It is a ways out of town, so bring a cooler with your favorite beverages. We will be serving runner approved goodies! We'll also have water, soda, etc available. 

Runner Perks

All runners will receive a custom race shirt, custom BOCO Gear Technical Trucker, and a finishers' medal.


The FAQ page contains information about:

-Water carry requirements


-Race Rules

-Distance Changes

-Cancelation, transfer, and no refund policy

-Other Runner Requirements​


Find the results hosted on UltraSignup!

Race Photos

Race photos are taken by Aktiva Sport Photography. They will send an email to participants once pictures have been published on their website. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing. 

This event is supported by Dan Mick Jeep Tours

Our Moab events could not happen without the help of Dan Mick Jeep Tours. Many of the Mad Moose Events’ aid stations are in extremely isolated areas, with rugged 4x4 routes to get to them. Dan Mick ensures that we are able to provide supplies to our runners, which allows us to continue to bring you to rarely experienced areas of the Moab backcountry.


Dan Mick Jeep Tours has been assisting Mad Moose Events for many years. They are as equally skilled as aid station volunteers as they are navigating the 4x4 trails. Dan Mick Jeep Tours currently provides support for Moab’s Red Hot Ultra, Behind the Rocks Ultra, Amasa Trail Race, Thelma and Louise Marathon and Half, as well as Arches Marathon and Half.


While you are staying in Moab, please take a look at their website and book you, your friends, and your family a tour. They offer sunset, half day morning, half day afternoon, and full day guided trips on many of the most popular off-roading routes in the area.

Volunteer with Mad Moose

Join the Mad Moose Herd and make a difference in the running community by volunteering at one of our upcoming events. It's always a fun time! 


As a volunteer you'll have the chance to support runners. As a thank you for your time and effort, we offer credits toward free race entries of your choice. (Friends and Family - You can earn race credits for your runner to use toward their next Mad Moose Event!)

Whether you're a seasoned runner or just love being a part of the action, we have volunteer opportunities for everyone.

Some of our aid stations require 4 x 4 access in remote areas. We are always in need of volunteers to drive to far out aid stations and transport some gear. If you enjoy driving to beautiful places, come help us out. 

Click here to discover how you can contribute and be a part of creating remarkable experiences for runners.

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