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Mad Moose Events Volunteer Program

Perks of volunteering:

  • Experience the running community in a fun and exciting way!

  • Help your fellow runners succeed! (Think back to a race where you struggled, now think about the smiles, cheers, or words of encouragement that got you to the finish line)

  • Learn the behind the scenes logistics of race day!

  • Take home great race day swag!

  • Earn free race entries to future events!

How to Earn Free Race Entries:

  • You earn 1 point for every hour that you volunteer with us.

    • 11 points = Free 100 Mile Race Entry

    • 7 points = Free 50 Mile Race Entry

    • 5 points = Free 50K or Marathon Race Entry

    • 4 points = Free 35K or Shorter Race Entry

Friends and Family:

  • You can gift your volunteer points to your runner to use for their next Mad Moose Event!!! 

*Program requires that runners must earn points first and then redeem those points for a future Mad Moose Events race entry. Send  an email via website contact form below to start earning and redeeming your points!

Get Started Today!

We start race volunteer lists 90 days out from the event date. Volunteer assignments are organized closer to the event date. We will add your name to our list and contact you about choosing a volunteer assignment.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Us To Volunteer!

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