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The Triple Crown of Moab

Triple Crown of Moab runners can choose two of the following events: Dead Horse Ultra, Moab's Red Hot, Arches Ultra. All Triple Crown runners must complete Behind the Rocks Ultra as their final event. All Triple Crown of Moab swag will be handed out at Behind the Rocks Ultra's finish line. 


Finish any distance at each of the events to finish the Triple Crown of Moab. All finishers will receive custom BOCO Technical Trucker Hat and a finisher’s medal. Registration for each event is done separately.


To compete a series:

The Triple Crown of Moab Short Series: To complete the series, runners can choose from any distance at each event. 

Example: Dead Horse Ultra 30KM + Arches Ultra Half Marathon + Behind the Rocks Ultra 30KM = Triple Crown of Moab Short Series Finisher

The Triple Crown of Moab Long Series: To complete, runners must complete two 50KMs and a 50 Mile.  It does not matter which order you choose to run the required distance.

Example: Dead Horse Ultra 50 Mile + Moab's Red Hot 55KM + Behind the Rocks Ultra 50KM = Triple Crown of Moab Ultra Series Finisher


Dead Horse Ultra

50 Mile, 50K, 30K

The kick off to the Triple Crown of Moab will happen at the end of November!


Arches Ultra

50 Mile, 50K, Half Marathon, 9K

The second event in the Triple Crown of Moab. This event is hosted at the end of January.


Moab's Red Hot

55K and 33K

Run the Red Hot in February is the third event in the Triple Crown of Moab. 


Behind the Rocks Ultra

50 Mile, 50K, 30K, 10 Mile

Hosted in March this is the final event in the Triple Crown of Moab. We will hand out finisher swag at the finish line!

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